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Photos are great, and there’s pretty much never a bad time to snap a picture. Is that too corny? I like it! Hehe. Whether you’re a professional photographer or just someone who wants to get down and dirty with your camera, this article is written to introduce a tool that answers your queries about how to remove background in picsart. It lets you add all kinds of cool effects and bells and whistles to photos, making them look really good. You can even remove the background behind your subject that would otherwise be distracting or ugly and make the picture seem not-so-great. 

Fear not – especially if you love fishing (which I do). PicsArt has this neat “Background Eraser” tool that makes it super easy to remove all of the background elements in any given image so that you’re left with only your object of interest.  As you will see below, using this tool takes simple steps to produce your new modified image.

PicsArt Background Remover is one of the latest tools available for removing the background from an image. Still, there are so many people around the globe who are still searching for how to remove background in picsart. PicsArt is the perfect tool to get the background separated from a picture that is so wonderful alone and does not need to be marred by useless background.

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Before technology became as advanced as today, digital pictures were not a quick and easy way to communicate. They would have required multiple digital cameras fitted with a lens-specific for photographing the type of object or subject in the picture that you wished to put on display. Many photographs also contained background images, sometimes making it difficult to separate parts of your picture from the background itself.

Remove Background in PicsArt Step by Step Guide

How do you erase on picsart? How to erase part of a picture on picsart? how to remove background from image in picsart? These are all questions that come up in your mind and we will address all of these in simple steps below:

Step 1: First of all, in picsart, to remove the background from a photo, you need to launch PicsArt Photo Editor online. Then click on Products from the drop-down menu, select photo editor options, and click on the background remover.

Step 2: Secondly, click on the upload file button. Next, select a picture from your PC. Once you’ve chosen an image, move to the next step by clicking “Select” under the image’s mini blurb.

Step 3: Third, Picsart has a cool wand that you can use to erase backgrounds out of pictures. It’s a nice feature that uses AI(Artificial Intelligence) to detect the object corners and remove the background. You should try it if you aren’t sure about how to create transparent images for your graphics layout in an app like this one. Even if something is left behind, you can remove it manually with a simple touch.

Step 4: Fourth, to change an image’s style, adjust its opacity, saturation, and brightness to match your needs. Then, merge the foreground with the background image.

Step 5: Lastly, to save only the part of an image you want to remove, click “Apply” then “Save as,” and keep what you like. These tools will be right on hand, and your pictures will look great.

Get Free Premium Background Removal

When you need to get rid of the background from your photos, the best way to deal with this problem is by carefully reading our article on how to remove background in picsart and following the guide. Not only does it let you remove backgrounds with ease, but it also enables you to work on your pictures and add different effects in various ways. Worrying about whether or not you can afford paid applications like Picsart for your phone is tiresome.

how to remove background in picsart iphone for free

Thankfully, you can download picsart mod apk for free, which gives you access to more or less the same features. Equipped with background remover tools like Image Blender, one can fine-tune edits more so than using an app that is pay-to-use. Some other awesome features include:

  1. Online eraser tool to remove the unwanted parts of the background of an image.
  2. Cutter and cropper tools to cut and crop the background from your edits.
  3. Edit images and delete the dull corners and areas from your pictures.
  4. Trim your logo, click the image once to select it (make sure your space bar is not pressed). On the bar at the top of the screen, you’ll see a selection of tools waiting. Locate the scissors and hit them to trim away excess parts.
  5. It does not finish there. You can even cut black and white parts from your images with just one click.


In this article, picsartz has tried to briefly address the ways how to remove background in picsart and have explained it in easy and simple steps for newbies to follow. If you like this website and particularly if you found our article on the picsart eraser tool helpful for you let us know in the comments.

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