How to use Picsart Background Blur Feature on Images

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Looking for ways to decode the picsart background blur feature? Have you ever wondered how professional photographers get those blur effects in their pictures? The answer is Professional Camera Techniques. If a photographer is using a relatively wide aperture and a close focal distance on their lens, then the camera will create that very smooth bokeh for them! But if you’re looking to achieve that same photo effect, don’t worry.

You can make it happen pretty easily in Image Editor and incorporate Picsart background blur effects. The first thing to do is upload your image. Then, click on the magic wand tool and select the part of the image you want to focus on. Once you’ve selected all of the areas that should be kept sharp in your picture, click keep selection and then go all the way down to Effects at the bottom of your screen

how to blur background in picsart

Why You Need Background Blur in Your Images

Sometimes when you’re taking pictures of memorable events, you might focus more on the people surrounding you instead of how you would want to look in the picture. When back at home, most probably you’ll notice there is some sort of background noise and nonsense everywhere. As a result, if you want to take the focus off of others, including those who weren’t originally supposed to take that one home with them.

Understand that there are a few ways to teach yourself how to blur an image background in picsart in just seconds. Above all, very few people know what it takes to blur photos on an Android Smartphone or iPhone and do this fast. Excited about blurring backgrounds and other things in your picture? Continue reading this step-by-step guide about how to blur background in Picsart to know further. 

How to Blur Image Background in PicsArt

Whether you’re a complete novice or a veteran photographer, your photos deserve a professional touch of the finest quality. Blurring backgrounds on Android is super simple if you know what level of blurring is possible with your camera and how to use it to provide interesting frames for your favorite shots. We’re going to teach you how you can blur an exciting picture step by step:

1. Upload and Open Picture

One way you can get a fuller experience while viewing a picture is by maximizing it, so all you see is the bright colors or, in this case, an image. You simply have to open up PicsArt and click on the plus sign at the bottom right of your screen. Then search for the picture you’d like to edit and open it up. Now, scroll until you see a colored circle that acts as your zoom button. Click on it and bring the image into focus.

2. Apply Blur Tool in Your Picture

You can access the Effects icon scrolling down your screen. To find the Blur tool, tap on the effects panel and select Blur from the menu options. There are a few different blur options, all with different variations, but most importantly, you can adjust the intensity of the blur effect on each.

For example, you may have a focal zoom that lets you focus the blurriness on either the image’s center or the edges. Other examples include motion blurs that you can control to mimic things like rapid movement and instant in-focus snapshots, so you don’t have to keep restarting and resetting over and over again.

3. Erase Subjects From Image

You can remove the background from an image by tapping on the pencil icon at the top of your screen and then using your finger or your finger and thumb to swipe to erase away. You can even perform pinch-zooming to take off smaller portions of the background around the edges. Also, use fingers alone or fingers and thumb together to zoom out if you wish to erase bigger sections from a very high-resolution photo.

how to blur background in photo

4. Use Invert Effect

If you like a photo but are not fond of the background or want to accentuate a certain subject and deemphasize what surrounds it, an easy way to do this would be to apply the Invert effect in PicMonkey. All you have to do is choose the part of the photo that will be the main focus of your image and click on ‘Invert.’ Be mindful, however, as there are times when inverting a photo may not turn out quite as well.

5. Apply Changes

Once you’re happy with your photo, hit apply at the top right of your screen to ensure that the changes are applied to your image. You may make further modifications at this time if you would like, but be sure to save your changes each time you hit “apply.”

6. Save and Share

Great, you’re done! Now you can save your image to PicsArt by either uploading it to the community or saving it privately. If you’d like to share your creation with others through Instagram, WhatsApp, iMessage, or email, that’s also an option via PicsArt. For those who would rather keep their content safe and secured on their phones or computers, there are options for downloading images from PicsArt as well.


Picsart offers multiple filters, including smart, blur face, motion, and side blur. Moreover, there is the option to edit videos with PicsArt. Duplicate the background picture and apply pinch-zoom to the original layer selected. Under ‘background’ select ‘auto adjust’. Go to zoom settings under ‘transform’ and change the width value from 160% to 175%. Now you can see that an assistant on Photoshop is also available in PicsArt.

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