How to Use Picsart in 2023 – Perform Exciting Editing Tasks

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If you’ve ever wanted to edit your pictures on the go, then Picsart’s mobile photo editor is just what you’ve been looking for. You might be worried about the complexity of the software as you don’t have an idea about how to use picsart? It’s never simple to create exactly the image you have in mind, especially when so many things one might want to have improved or enhanced. 

We have come up with an easy solution for anyone who has ever felt disappointed with taking a photograph of something incredibly beautiful but failing to capture the moment perfectly because of their inability to capture it exactly how they wanted to do it. Have you seen all the cool photos of your friends on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter? It must be fun to caption any picture with a punny hashtag. Unfortunately, taking pictures that look as good as theirs can feel like it’s always out of reach as long as you don’t know how to use picsart without an account. 

how to use picsart effects

Luckily, there are many apps for photo editing that let you add cool filters to your photos in real-time and fulfill your desires of matching their vibes. Picsart is one such app that lets you adjust the brightness, contrast, vignette strength, plus unlock 98 creative tools to apply whatever effect is right for you. Thanks to its very straightforward and easy-to-use interface, anyone familiar with normal word processing can use it and edit things as they would do in the case of other programs and don’t have to google basic questions like how to use picsart stickers, etc.

1st Thing To Do

Download the Picsart app on your iPhone or Android smartphone. Then select a photo from your camera roll or gallery that you would like to edit. After doing this, click “Create” at the bottom of your screen, and then you can design graphics and even add some text through Pixabay’s library of images. Since there is already a healthy supply of original graphics I’ve been using, feel free to use any of those when editing your files and stop being worried about how to use picsart for free.

Tools of PicsArt

There are hundreds of various tools in this app, let’s talk about the best ones and how to use each of them:

  • Red Eye Tools: Add or Remove Red eye in your pictures with just one click.
  • Adjust Tool: To change the brightness levels and contrast in your photographs.
  • Darken Corners: Adding overly filters and effects like LOMO will add illustration and saturation in photos.
  • Text and College: With this tool, you can add various text into your edits and combine two or more pictures in college.
  • Filters: Filters are very useful. You can change the overall look and colors with them.
  • Effects: Add different effects like blur, sharpener, the green screen on picsart, and many others with the effects tool.
  • Eraser: It will help you remove unnecessary and distracting parts in your edits.
  • Layers: You can add various layers into your work field with this tool, just like photoshop.
  • Stickers: You can even use picsart stickers in images.

Now let’s talk about the several Tabs you will see along the top.

use picsart for photo editing without an account

Border and Frame Tab

When adding accents to your photos, there are several borders to choose from – solid color, black and white, or a color with a gradient flash. If you wish to change the border color for your image, simply click on one of the colored lines at the right-hand corner until your desired color appears. Then click the “Apply” button at the top right-hand side of the screen once you have made your choice.

Effects and Texture Tab

The new design layout also allows users to access various textures and backgrounds. In addition, there is a selective focus (aka Bokeh) tool that will enable you to add depth of field to your images by creating beautiful blurred images with the touch of your finger. You can add various color textures in your edits following our guide on how to use color splash in picsart. This includes clothing like dark jeans and fabrics in shades of brown, blues, greens, reds, and many others. And also, adjust the effect opacity by sliding the contrast line right and left.

how to use picsart draw

Stickers and Decoration Tab

Under this tab, you’ll find lots of amazing glittery things to make your photos stand out from the crowd. Adding a touch of sparkle to a picture can bring that more life that comes with having fun and wanting to share it with people. Especially if you have something exciting to tell them about. You can achieve all of your desired targets by following the guidelines of how to use the dispersion tool in picsart.

Drawing Tools Tab

Drawing tools include pens for writing text, which is great for fine-tuned edits on artwork. Pencils are also tools for the drawing toolbar and work like the QA team does with your application to help make everything fit together just right before getting it ready for market. Highlighting is a new tool that highlights specific parts of an image making them brighter than ever without editing anything. You can even use the clone tool in picsart.

College Templates Tab

The collage feature allows you to create unique designs utilizing your photos. You have the option of placing one or more images onto a background and can then customize that background in whatever way you choose, changing the fonts and position of text if necessary. These options are always visible on your screen when you click the Collage icon, located at the bottom right corner of each screen. There are also many pre-made Collages available that you can use in your edits as inspirations.

steps to use picsart fonts and college like a pro

Different Fonts

There are a lot of features that we like about the photo editor PicsArt. Our favorite feature is the font tool because it allows us to customize posts or images with very cool, professional fonts that come in all sorts of shapes, sizes, and colors. While many tools will only offer a handful of fonts but will be limited to specific uses such as print layout or web design, for example, PicsArt’s extensive selection lets you pair a combination of fonts to be used just how you want them and anywhere on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, posters on Lenses, etc.

Background Removal 

No matter what you’re trying to capture with your camera, there will always be something that causes a distraction not limited to the background. You’ll want to make sure anything extra gets removed so as not to detract from the subject of your picture and be distracting in general. Picsart has an intuitive tool that removes unwanted backgrounds cleanly and uses overlays in picsart easily in simple steps.

remove background


Have you always wanted to make your photos pop but have been intimidated because of all the advanced editing apps out there and you don’t even know how to use picsart? That’s actually where PicsArt editor comes in! With this app, it’s very easy to blend two different pictures since the blending tool is so simple and user-friendly and can be used even on a computer. When editing your masterpiece, you can even add stickers so your friends will want them more than ever before. So feel free to get it from and enjoy the best editing experience with a simple interface.

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