How to add Bokeh Effect in Picsart 2023 – Simplified Guide

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Have you ever wondered how to enhance the quality of your photographs? Do you picture yourself learning how to make the backgrounds in your photos look like paintings? You must have seen those nice little soft and dreamy effects. That looks like a camera is endlessly throwing lights at your subject in a smoky bar. All of these things are done by the bokeh effect in picsart. 

The term Bokeh translates as a blur in Japanese, fitting because the effect can make someone or something look like they’re being softly thrown around. But photographers and photo editors know it more as the abstract blurring of light from a single source to bring some opacity, dimensionality, and lighting dynamics to an image.

Bokeh Effect in Picsart

The Bokeh effect in picsart photo editing apk is ideal for photos taken during the day or night. A daytime shot with a bokeh effect produces an ethereal, filtered look. In contrast, a nighttime shot allows the harshness of well-defined lighting to soften those aspects. Or add more color-popping action with intense lighting on your dreamy background. 

One way you can truly get the best out of this editing trick is by applying it to cityscape shots at night because that’s when you can see it displaying its full flow. The bokeh blur tool has many different uses and gives you complete control over your photos.

How to Add Bokeh Effect in Pictures on Mobile Using Picsart

Creating a bokeh or bokeh effect in PicsArt is pretty simple. Just tap on the Mask icon within your editor panel at the bottom right of your screen, and then tap on the Bokeh tool to access these options. When you see all of the different Templates, you’ll instantly notice some familiar choices like the standard circular-shaped bokeh blur in addition to different shapes and effects like hearts, motion blurs, and others.

Now that you’ve found the effect you want from the wide varieties we provide, it’s time to customize it even further by selecting where it places on your photo (whether that’s in front so you can keep everything else behind, for instance), its opacity (i.e., how big and intense it is), as well as its hue which changes its color.

Your photos will look even better if you use the new and improved erasure tool, which is here to help make zooming into your image and editing it a breeze. You can erase any parts of the photo that don’t give you the emotional feel or background blur effect you want by tapping on the eraser tool and always going over those parts until they no longer have the bokeh effect applied in picsart. You can also fully edit everything about this part of your picture, including where exactly you would like the bokeh to appear in relation to the subject of your photo, by simply performing a masking effect.

How to Add Bokeh Effect in Picsart using PC and MacBook

For those of you who are interested in expanding your editing skill set, we have one word for you: desktop. Now that sounds like a good deal if you ask us, which is why we made sure to include the desktop edition within the PicsArt Web Editor to help save your work and safely decide when it’s time to hit send.

Upload Photo

Click on the Upload button at the top of the left nav bar to upload your photo from your computer. You can also search for a stock image through our search function, which provides you with various images that you can use on PicsArt.

Select Bokeh Effect in Picsart

You can select the bokeh effect in picsart to your liking. Click on the “Bokeh Types” panel to the left to view your options. You can choose various bokeh effects by clicking on the “Select” button beneath each one. Click on the drop-down menu to confirm your desired effect and make it appear in your image below.

Adjust and Blend Bokeh 

Click the “Adjust” button above your photo to alter the various values of a bokeh effect. You can change an image’s opacity, hue, saturation, or contrast. Change the blurriness and intensity of your bokeh by adjusting the Blend setting. Experiment with different combinations until you find something that fits your project.

Save and Download

Click on the Download link in the top right-hand corner of your screen to save the image to your computer.

Bokeh Effect in Picsart 2022


How to get the Bokeh effect in Picsart?

Scroll to the Picsart web editor panel and tap on the mask icon then tap on the Bokeh tool to let the magic begin. 

What are the steps to add blur to my photos in picsart?

Upload the photo in the picsart web editor, find the mask icon and tap it, locate the Bokeh tool and click the icon. Start editing with premade effects as per your desires. 

What is the best way to edit for the bokeh effect in picsart?

The best way to edit is to open the picsart app on desktop or laptop and then start editing as you will have a more clear view and approach for editing pictures as well as have a look at how they would look in the web version. 


Hopefully, by now you would have followed the steps given in this article to successfully add bokeh effect in picsart and be satisfied with it as well. Bokeh effects adds an extra flavor to your pictures and compels more focus towards the main object that needs the attention of the viewer. On picsartz, we always try to provide our readers with the best and absolutely clean APKs related to Picsart and add guides to use picsart in an effective way as well. Keep visiting our website or bookmark in your browser for more updated content. 

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