How to add Bokeh Effect in Picsart 2023 – Simplified Guide

Bokeh Effect in Picsart

Have you ever wondered how to enhance the quality of your photographs? Do you picture yourself learning how to make the backgrounds in your photos look like paintings? You must have seen those nice little soft and dreamy effects. That looks like a camera is endlessly throwing lights at your subject in a smoky bar. All of these things are done by the bokeh effect in picsart.  The term Bokeh … Read More

How to use Picsart Background Blur Feature on Images

how to blur background in picsart

Looking for ways to decode the picsart background blur feature? Have you ever wondered how professional photographers get those blur effects in their pictures? The answer is Professional Camera Techniques. If a photographer is using a relatively wide aperture and a close focal distance on their lens, then the camera will create that very smooth bokeh for them! But if you’re looking to achieve that same photo effect, don’t worry. … Read More

How to Remove Background in Picsart – Eraser Tool Best Use

how to remove background in picsart android

Photos are great, and there’s pretty much never a bad time to snap a picture. Is that too corny? I like it! Hehe. Whether you’re a professional photographer or just someone who wants to get down and dirty with your camera, this article is written to introduce a tool that answers your queries about how to remove background in picsart. It lets you add all kinds of cool effects and … Read More

How to Use Picsart in 2023 – Perform Exciting Editing Tasks

how to use picsart effects

If you’ve ever wanted to edit your pictures on the go, then Picsart’s mobile photo editor is just what you’ve been looking for. You might be worried about the complexity of the software as you don’t have an idea about how to use picsart? It’s never simple to create exactly the image you have in mind, especially when so many things one might want to have improved or enhanced.  We … Read More